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I like to watch a show called Fringe. While many people like spotting inconsistencies, timeline errors, bloopers and popular landmarks (i.e. No, that’s not the top secret Fringe division office.  That’s my library.), I spend my time looking at the plants. Let’s take a look at these screenshots from the latest episode of Fringe.

In the first image we have the Fringe team (Etta, Walter, Olivia and Peter), conspicuously missing the ever important Astrid, posing and walking through a row of Sword Ferns (Polystichum minutum). In the second image, we have Western Red Ceder (Thuja plicata), Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) and huckleberry (Vaccinium parvifolium). This assemblage of plants are common to the coastal pacific northwest, and a very good indication of where a tv show or a film is produced. I can even make a guess as to when this shot was taken.  Looking at the huckleberry, it appears not to be in fruit (they have small, bright red fruits) so it is either in late spring or maybe around August. There are also bright red flowers in the foreground of image two, which if I had a higher quality image, I may be able to identify and use to further narrow down the timing of this photo. The presence of bright red flowers, which are clearly not early spring lilies and other monocots, in addition to the huckleberry phenlogy, lead me to believe that they filmed this around August.  I don’t know for sure, of course, but botany is a wonderful thing and makes life so much more interesting.

Tumblrs, is there a place where we can check filming dates of tv shows?


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    I honestly thought that i was the only one who pointed out plants when watching tv
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    This is something I notice on Fringe all the time because I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and live in Boston now....
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    I’m so glad other people have the same nerdy obsession that I do
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    I admit, I haven’t seen Fringe yet. My televised sci-fi obsessions are still stuck in the stone age of The X-Files and...
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    Fringe! Watch it with me and we can botanize together :) After, we can run into Stanley Park and reenact scenes from the...
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